Extreme Buy / Sell / Trade Paintball Guns



Whether you’re looking for a great deal on previously enjoyed Paintball gear, want to get some cash for your gently used Paintball gun, or want to trade in your old quality gun and gear for something new, the BUY, SELL, TRADE GUNS Paintball Section @ Extreme Paintball Store & BlackFridayPaintball.com has you covered.

If you are local to the Modesto CA area please visit the store for your trade quote, if you are not local and still would like a cash or trade offer please submit the Black Friday Paintball Gun Trade In form


Our goal is to ensure customers have a great experience when doing business with us, so there are a few things we want you to know about our buy, sell and trade in program.

  1. The items we purchase are limited to: Guns with or without Air Tanks, Loaders or Goggles.


  1. We do not give estimates/appraisals by phone. We must physically inspect the Paintball gun in store. This ensures that the seller gets an accurate appraisal, the buyer gets a quality product, and we maintain the integrity of our estimated product values. (But it saves time if you call and let us know you are coming! 209 571-0210)
    • Not local, no problem you can submit the Paintball Trade/Sell form – HERE
  1. ‘Price guides’ do not necessarily reflect the actual price at which we can sell your item. Think of used gear sort of like used cars. Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and the National Automobile Dealers Association will all have different estimated values for used cars, but at the end of the day, the real world value is only as much as people are willing to pay. It all comes down to supply and demand.


  1. We only take in quality, working product. Please be sure your items are as close to showroom ready as possible when you bring it in. Guns must function properly, no missing parts, no leaks etc.



We take in many used pieces, so check in frequently to see what great finds we have in stock. We will have complete packages as well as single items available for purchase.

View our ‘Used Paintball Gun Section


Looking to get some cash for your used paintball gun, but don’t want to hassle with the legwork? No problem. Our used gear team will work with you to get the most value out of your used gun.

Store Buy ‘Quick Cash’: We will buy your used paintball gun. By selling directly to us, you get your money right away; however, unlike the Consignment Method, there is not a clear-cut percentage that we pay out for used gear. As items change in value, condition, and popularity, so does the amount of money we can reasonably offer for an item. There is a risk associated with all used guns/gear we take in to sell. Sometimes things break, need repairs, arrive with missing accessories, or simply don’t sell. When we buy gear, we take two things into consideration: what is a reasonable selling price and how long we think it will take to sell. Those two factors together help us determine how much we think we can sell an item for and how much to pay for used gear. Simply put, the harder it will be for us to sell an item, the less money we can offer; the easier it is to sell, the more money we can offer. The range can be as low as 30% of what we price an item, for slow movers, to 70% for highly sought after items. Most items we buy fall somewhere in the middle at 50% of the final selling price. As always, we have to see the item before we can make an offer. We recommend calling us at 209-545-7730 to arrange a time for us to check out your used gun, or simply bring it by the shop for an appraisal.



Trade in your old gun for new gear! We take trades on select items, (Guns or Guns plus Air Tanks, Loaders and Goggles) which you can use as credit towards the purchase of another gun/marker in our store. Just like the “SELL” section above, you are essentially selling your paintball gun to us as a Store Buy, only when trading towards a new piece of Paintball gear, you get TOP DOLLAR for your items!

  • Not local, no problem you can submit the Paintball Trade/Sell form – HERE