Cold Temperatures Will Affect Paintballs!

cold-weather-paintballThe shell of a paintball is usually a gelatin or vegetable starch material. When the temperature drops this shell becomes brittle; often times so brittle that they can crack or break from handling or before making it out of the barrel. The key to preventing this is to keep paint insulated for as long as possible from the cold, always store in room temperature conditions. DO NOT store in a cold garage or in the trunk of your car etc. When on the field carrying around a bunch of pods in a pod pack or vest is just exposing them to the elements, try carrying fewer pods and figure out a way to keep them under your clothes if possible. Try not to jostle or rattle the paint in the hopper around as much as when playing in the summer. Store paint in your car with the heat on if possible, or in a cooler with some heat packs. Anything you can do to keep it above outside temperatures.

You can also buy premium level paintball formulated for cold weather play from Extreme Paintball Pro Shop.